Sunday 2/3/11; I missed 2 calls on my cell phone. I was already asleep and didn’t hear the phone ringing at 1:30am cst.

I always check my phone when I wake up and noticed the missed calls.. And a frantic voice mail from an attorney hoping we could make it out to New Mexico that day.

The “in-house” technology person from the local firm was trying to figure out how to run Sanction the night before trial and our client, who has used us on multiple occasions, could see that they needed help. They know trial technology is an important aspect of your case, even more so if it’s complex issue or high value.

So why take your trial tech on the road with you? Why hire a out-of-town trial technology / litigation support company?

Edgar was in New Mexico 5 hours later, with no extra expense to the client (we don’t charge travel time, only lodging/meals) and I just heard that he’s saved the day once again. Opening went well along with the first witness, he has video clips loaded and exhibits ready to be displayed.

I will say that our client, Tom Rhodes, is an exceptional attorney. He and his staff run trials like few others, and have a voire dire technique that has proven it self over and over again. Their use of technology is always spot on, and it shows.

Verdict is in! $10.3 million. Congrats!