Acoustics in courtrooms vary as much as judges’ personalities do. I know we’ve all been in courtrooms that seem to have a more “public” feeling; Where the judge might be listening to a motion at the bench and there are other open conversations going on. But this never happens when there is a jury in the room. Never.

When the jury is present everyone on your team should act and look professional. Right? I mean that is basic common sense. But you would be amazed at the amount of people that overlook this when it comes to the person (if not yourself) that is running the technology and providing litigation support.

While I firmly believe that the technologist and the technology should be as transparent as possible, some others don’t seem to care.

Here’s some annoyances that I have seen from “the other side” while sitting through trial. (note: these are tips for technologists and “hot seat” running attorneys.)

1. Stand when told and do not look at screen/keyboard.

2. Pay Attention.

3. Take ear buds out!

4. Put away that phone.

5. Buy quiet peripherals.

A technologist will be considered part of the “plaintiff” or “defense” even if they are independent of the case, like I always am. I’m asked constantly by jurors if I work for the firm or if I’m an attorney. I attribute that to acting like an attorney. Impressions are a huge battle in the courtroom.

Under the pressures of trial you must take a second, stand back, and look at exactly what you’re doing.