The Media is Not the Message, but Media can Help

In today’s world, technology and media are everywhere. Even in the courtroom, media and electronic presentations are being used by attorneys everywhere to make their trial presentations effective and deliver a message with impact. The days of using white boards, butcher paper, and posters are not gone, but when an attorney needs to communicate a complex idea to a jury, a well-crafted digital presentation can give your theory of a case the advantage you need to help a jury deliver a verdict for your client.

Use the Right Tool for the Job

In many cases, complex electronic trial presentations are unnecessary when the message is simple. In those cases, time-tested communication tools such as posters and white boards can be sufficient, but in today’s media-rich world, juries are expecting technology and mixed media presentations in the courtroom. Additionally the use of varied media in a trial presentation can help maintain juror interest and ensure that your theory of the case is heard.

A simple Power Point presentation can help maintain juror interest. Power Point’s main benefit is that one can simply and quickly switch between visual images without having to fumble around with cumbersome posters and other physical visual aids. In Power Point, with a click of a button, one can switch easily between digital slides that highlight the main points of your theory of the case. One can also easily display photographs, diagrams, illustrations, and other visual aids to add clarity to your message. An added benefit is that Power Point is relatively easy to use, and most people are already familiar with the platform.

While Power Point is simple and easy to use, it does have some significant limitations in presenting and organizing complex data when flexibility is important. When your theory of the case is complex and requires jurors to visualize and understand complicated factual issues, trial presentation software, such as Sanction or Trial Director, is a better choice for creating a message with impact.
Beyond Powerpoint
Trial presentation software such as Sanction and Trial Director are built to have the flexibility that Power Point does not, and the main benefit of trial presentation software is its ability to adapt and change your trial presentation along with the changing courtroom environment.
For example, trial presentation software allows an attorney to index and synchronize video deposition testimony with a deposition transcript in order to quickly reference and generate video clips for whatever circumstance arises at trial. Such capability could prove invaluable if impeachment testimony needs to be created on the fly or if testimony needs to be cut out because a judge rules during the course of a trial that certain testimony is inadmissible. Trial presentation software is valuable because it adapts to the changing needs and environment of the courtroom.

Get Professional Help

Attorneys are experts at mastering the facts and the law, and they have enough to worry about when a case goes to trial, and hiring some support can allow you to focus on the law. Companies such as S.A. Legal Solutions have the technical expertise and knowledge to provide whatever level of litigation support your client’s case deserves.

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