After a week long bench trial the judge has returned a $15 million verdict in the 21 Rio scaffolding collapse trial. Thanks to to the team of plaintiff attorneys lead by John Tippit for trusting SA Legal with their presentation needs!

A judge has found a construction company guilty of negligence in the deaths of three Austin workers.

Travis County Judge Scott Jenkins has ordered American Mast Climbers to pay $15 million in damages to the workers’ families.

The men fell to their deaths in June 2009, when faulty scaffolding collapsed at the 21 Rio construction site in the West Campus neighborhood.

Four contractors, including American Mast Climbers, received safety citations following the accident.

Two of the companies, Greater Metroplex Interiors and Andres Construction, settled out of court. Capoera Construction disappeared without paying any fines.–15-million-to-families-of-21-rio-workers