Congratulations to the Tom Rhodes Law Firm on another highly successful trial in San Antonio, Bexar County District Court.

Case Information:

Jo Ann Puente v. Manuel Martinez, M.D.;
Jesus Vilar, M.D.; Gonzaba Medical Group

Plaintiff, 35, an administrative assistant, underwent gastric bypass surgery in San Antonio. Post-surgical course was complicated by stricture formation and intractable vomiting. Puente was hospitalized at Metropolitan Methodist Hospital, where she was admitted to the service of hospitalists Manuel Martinez, M.D., and Jesus Virlar, M.D.. Puente never received any form of nutritional support while hospitalized, nor did she receive any IV vitamins. After nearly two months in the hospital, she was discharged with quadriparesis and severe memory deficits. She resides in a nursing home and will require institutional care for the remainder of her life.