During the course of our online creation process, I’m routinely presented with a piece of paper with events on it. Timelines are important in almost all litigation. Upon reviewing the material from this presentation, I counted a total of 12 different events that the attorney wanted to present. All on the same slide.

This seems to be a substantial problem in litigation presentations. The “average” lawsuit always contains too many points the attorney wants to make. Trimming those down to be as specific and important as possible is always my number one priority. Unfortunately, in this case, all 12 points needed to be made.

I originally tried to fit all of the data in horizontally as I feel juries have an easier time reading from right to left. Version after version I could not make all the data fit and still be decipherable…That is until I decided to use a vertical timeline and was able to make it all come together, as you can see below!