Audio editing is something that we run across from time to time. Sometimes it’s old cassettes or voicemail that was recorded in a digital format, but today’s job was taking the audio from a old and barely functioning digital audio recorder and exporting it to mp3.

The easiest way we’ve found over the years is to run a stereo cable from the headphone jack of your source (in this case the recorder) into the microphone jack of your computer (in this case a Macbook Pro). And that’s where the magic and simplicity of Audacity comes in.

It’s as simple as opening the program, pressing record and then pressing start on the recorder. The program will capture the audio and then has many editing options such as: Normalizing the audio, noise removal, amplifying the sound and many many more filters to help make your audio sound as good as it can. With a click of the export button you now have the files ready to burn onto CD or send via Email. Really simple.

Give it a try if you ever need to transfer or edit audio. It’s free so it can’t hurt anything, and it runs on pretty much any OS out there.