The Perfect Low Cost Courtroom Document Camera (Elmo)

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Two years ago we purchased a couple of these AVerMedia document cameras. We needed a very portable doc cam since we move in out and out courtrooms so often. They’ve been real troopers and have help present that evidence that wasn’t scanned in, or the attorney just wants to publish the exhibit in a different manner than Sanction/Trial Director.

Best Laser Pointer For Your Presentation

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Laser pointers are very useful during presentations, allowing the speaker to point important areas on the display screen from across the room. Red laser pointers are the most common type and use a lower powered light, normally a 650nm wavelength. You can get a common red laser pointer for less than $20 today. Green laser pointers have recently become more …

World’s Fastest Book Scanner

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Well, this post is more on the Techy side but very interesting. A researcher at the University of Tokyo has developed the world’s fastest book scanner, which uses a “book flipping scanning” method “that does exactly what it sounds like, digitizing 200 pages per minute.” Now imagine having your entire case file scanned in less than half the time of …

“Magic Wall” for Courtroom Interaction of Evidence?

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During the Election coverage the internet came alive with stories about CNN’s Hologram reporters. But what really grabbed my attention was the “Magic Wall” developed by Perceptive Pixel. Here at the Bexar County District courthouse they have upgraded 4 courtrooms to include all the latest A/V equipment, which includes a plasma TV that the Magic Wall makes looks primitive. The …