The Latest Craze – High Def PiP video depositions.

Over the past year, we have been getting more and more requests for Picture in Picture depositions. When covering overflow We’ve been asked to do it in various ways. What I’ve seen is there is not real “standard” for PiP. Last month For the first time I presented at a trial that had nothing but Picture in Picture with document …

$124.5million Verdict for Wigington & Rumley

Another great win for our clients! Potentially the largest product liability verdict in Bexar County, Texas. The jury awarded $124.5 million to the family of an 11-year-old boy who received critical head injuries four years ago when the driver’s seat of his father’s Audi A4 collapsed in a rear-end collision. Read more here: San Antonio family wins $124.5 million jury …

$16 Million win for Tom Rhodes Law Firm

Lobo v. Ninja Jump: This highly disputed lawsuit was presented for 3 weeks and finally into the Jury’s hands on 02/17/16. This case was brought by the parents for a 14 year old boy that suffered a traumatic brain injury while participating in a “Bouncy Boxing” activity. The plaintiffs successfully argued that the boxing gloves were improperly designed and had …

Two wins in a row for the Davis Law Firm

Rick Neville has done it again, for the second time in the 408th district court in Bexar County with Judge Noll presiding. In this latest trial, Rick was able to help his client recover $190,000 from injuries resulting in a low-speed car accident. Last month in Judge Noll’s court Rick recovered $250,000+ in another low impact car accident that caused …

$6.5 million win in Bexar County

Everyone here at SA Legal is excited about the massive victory our clients had in Bexar county district court last week. Congratulations to Brian Steward, Jay Moore and Ryan Todd for a well tried case. Cumpian was working for Leal Welding and Erection in May 2012 as a subcontractor on a Joeris General Contractors job site. Cumpian was working as …

Personal Injury Defense Win in Bexar County

Last week we helped Will Allan and Alex Nava from Allan, Nava, Glander successfully defend what we nicknamed the “bumper scratcher” case. This low impact and very low damage claim was filed by The Herrera Law firm and included a neck surgery recommendation. There were many obstacles to overcome, including the Judge not allowing the accident photographs into evidence. After …

Defense Win – Wrongful Death (minor)

Jury is back on this heated trial in Bexar County. Find the news article here: Jury decides doctor not to blame for toddler’s death We helped prepare some of the trial exhibit boards and with the editing of videos in the trial portion of this case. It was well tried by both sides.

Jury Information Retention and Trial Technology

Have you ever heard that juries remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see and 50% of what they hear and see? I have, and I’ve actually have used it many times while explaining why trial presentations are beneficial. While researching for an upcoming CLE, articles:

$544,000 Verdict – Premises Liability

Congrats to Lawrence Morales of San Antonio for a well tried and long trial in Bexar County.  This case sparked lots of emotions and hopefully will show other apartment managers to follow the rules and keep their unoccupied apartments locked and not allow random people to stay in them. Press Links:

$370,000 Verdict – Car Accident

Congrats to Damon Garza and Desi Martinez ( on a well tried case in Laredo last week. $360,000 jury verdict in a week long trial against a police officer that was speeding without lights/sirens and hit their client. DLS provided all trial technology support throughout the trial.