$544,000 Verdict – Premises Liability

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Congrats to Lawrence Morales of San Antonio for a well tried and long trial in Bexar County.  This case sparked lots of emotions and hopefully will show other apartment managers to follow the rules and keep their unoccupied apartments locked and not allow random people to stay in them.

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admin$544,000 Verdict – Premises Liability

$75,000 Verdict – Personal Injury

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Led by Alex Begum in Brownsville, TX. DLS provided support for this case for 4 days. This trial was one of our first uses of an Ipad in the courtroom. The attorneys and witnesses were able to chose between our Trial Director database, ELMO, Ipad (wireless) or laptop at the witness stand.


admin$75,000 Verdict – Personal Injury

Mast Climber Scaffold Collapse Trial

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Last week I provided trial presentation services for a group of plaintiff firms in Austin, TX. This trial was different and interesting due to it being a bench trial. I’ve never been involved in a case where a judge was asked to award $50million in a wrongful death lawsuit.



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adminMast Climber Scaffold Collapse Trial